HB9SI - Ham radio section
  of the Siemens Sport and Leisure Club in Zug

  Welcome to HB9SI !  

  We are a group of active and retired Siemens employees
  with a common interest in technology and communications.

  The group named "Radiogyr" was established in 2000.
  The name was changed in the year 2008.
  The group consists of approximately 25 members.

  We regularly meet with members of the USKA Zug HB9RF
  - on the first and third Thursday of each month at the "Stamm",  
    starting at 2000 hrs CET (Central European Time Zone)
    in one of the rooms within the company facilities.
  - Each Sunday at 1100 hrs CET for a local QSO at the FM relay HB9RF.
  - Each Monday at 2100 hrs CET for a local QSO at 28.675 MHz, USB.

  Guests are always welcome!

  The FM relay HB9RF transmits at:
  - TX : 438.675 MHz, TX TSQ 71.9Hz
  - RX : 431.075 MHz (-7.6 MHz), no sub tone
  - Echolink node-number : 81765

  The D-Star relay HB9RF transmits at:
  - TX : 439.4625 MHz
  - RX : 431.8625 MHz (-7.6 MHz)
  - Name : HB9RF__B (!)

  Last modified: 2018-10-15